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OMR Solutions With over 5 years experience,OMR Solutions can help you create a data collection system to capture and report your data ... whether you need paper-based forms, web-based forms or a combination of both.

We provide you with solutions for:
One stop place for scan forms & web-based survey assessment solutions .

if you are required to collect and report data, such as surveys, web-based surveys, evaluations, assessments, certification testing, member demographics, instructional management and many more ?

You can rely on our experienced and dedicated supportive staff. Call us or email us. We will be right there for your project.

OMR/image/web-based survey form data collection systems
OMR Solutions provide specialised services in data collection and reporting systems using OMR (optical mark recognition), image, and web-based data collection methods.
Customers come from a variety of industries: healthcare, government, and education.
Here are just a few examples of applications we've taken from manual process to automated data collection and reporting:

OMR Solutions- Data capture, Data Conversion ,Data Mining and reporting specialists, OMR Scaning , OMR Result Preparation

Managing your data collection and reporting

We work with you to define your data collection and analysis project within your capabilities and desired outcomes. You set the criteria for success; we deliver on time and on budget. OMR SOLUTIONS offers complete turnkey data collection systems that enable you to manage your data collection project internally. Or, if you would rather not devote time and resources to managing data collection in-house, we offer integrated services for all or any part of your project based on a practical distribution of labor.

We partner with you to understand your data needs and develop a process to efficiently and accurately collect and report your data. We offer paper-based forms, web-based forms or a combination of paper and web to collect, manage, and report your data.
Contact us for further information.

OMR scanners, image scanners and card readers, softwares

We proundly represent Principia Products , the unbiased leader in the field of OMR Software Solutions

For Form Designning and Data Merging we use Magenta from DATA BLOCKS.

We also represent Sekonic, the world's largest manufacturer of OMR (optical mark recognition) readers, as a distributor of their optical mark recognition scanners. Read more about their SR-2300 and other Sekonic OMR scanner models.

Scanning & printing forms services; scan form & web survey form design, composition, printing, distribution or hosting, warehouse & scanning software services; data capture, analysis and reporting; sell new and components for older OMR scanners, image scanners, and card readers; provide scan and survey form design software demos; installation, training, and support
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