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Remark Office OMR
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Also know about OMR Solutions

  • Education Professionals for student testing, institutional research or community survey
  • Marketing Professionals for consumer surveys
  • Psychology Professionals for testing, assessments and evaluations
  • Government Agencies for data compilation from internal and external sources
  • Healthcare Industry for customer surveys, patient data and research
  • Pharmaceutical companies for clinical trials and product evaluation
  • Police Departments for racial profiling compliance and community surveys
  • Computer Professionals for combination or integration with another software package
  • Human Resource Departments for employee surveys, time sheets and evaluations
  • Training Professionals for course and instructor evaluations and tracking; and many more.


Not sure if this is the solution for you? Try our wizard or let us answer your questions about Remark Office OMR. Would you like to know who is using our software and what they have to say about us? Read our customer list and customer testimonials. Or, view our data collection comparison chart to see how Remark Office OMR compares with other data collection methods.

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