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OMR Solutions is a Solution Provider for OMR and Related Services . OMR Solutions is a one Stop Solution for providing Products

& Services for Document Processing to Specialised work of OMR /OCR and ICR.

OMR Solutions is a solution Driven Company and Markets and Support Major Brands of OMR World Like

Sekonic and Scantron products for OMR Scanners . Principia Products and Remark Series for OMR and Online Forms ,

Datablocks for OMR Form Designing and Form Storm from Charactel for Hand Written and ICR /OCR Solutions .

OMR Solution has its own team of software development which develops customised software for OMR Readers

and recently venturing into OEM of OMR readers.

At OMR Solutions , selling solution and providing the client the best solution for his needs is major attention .


Much work has been done in increasing the technology and Venturing into every area that touches OMR.

OMR Solutions being a Technical Arm of IndiaOutsources , thus can provide with its parent companies the

Services like OMR Processing /Document Scanning etc .

OMR Application areas are huge .

Click here for more information on OMR application areas and how your organisation can be beneficial to use this technology .