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OMR Solutions is one stop place for complete OMR Solutions. This solution is provided by leaders and expertise of this area.

Principia Products
was founded in 1991 to build and market the Remark Office OMR software. Prior to that, we developed software
for a variety of customers in areas such as image processing, OCR (optical character recognition), ICR (intelligent character recognition)
and other pattern recognition projects. The first version of our Remark products was released in 1991, and we now have over 19,000
Remark customers worldwide. Since that time, we have sold software to some of the biggest (and some of the smallest) companies,
educational institutions, government agencies and healthcare providers. We added more data collection products to our Remark product
line with the release of Remark Web Survey and Remark Classic OMR in 1999.
Principia’s strengths are in our ability to develop and bring to market high quality, innovative software products. The Remark products are
developed and maintained by our team of certified programming professionals using the latest and greatest programming techniques.
Our programmers and other personnel understand the value of a user-friendly interface and high recognition accuracy.
We solicit opinions from our customers and do our best to make sure that our software lives up to the expectations of our users.

Regardless of the size of the company or the size of the order, Principia Products is dedicated to taking care of all of our customers.
We recognize you have put your faith in us and we do all we can to earn and keep your trust. Principia is founded on a set of core
values that guide us in how we do business.

Principia Products is a division of Gravic, Inc., a privately held corporation based in Malvern, Pennsylvania,
near Philadelphia, USA

Gravic is a privately-held corporation located in Malvern, PA (click here for a map), about ten miles west of Philadelphia, PA USA. We make
a number of computer software products for data collection, transformation, and distribution uses. Customers for our End User products
are in the following areas: universities and colleges, government, medicine, K-12 schools, corporations and non-profits. Customers for our Enterprise products include the data centers of brokerages, travel agencies, stock exchanges, electric utilities and telcos