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PARTNERS-data blocks

OMR Solutions is one stop place for complete OMR Solutions. This solution is provided by leaders and expertise of this area.

What We Do

is a leading developer of scantron forms design software for OMR readers (optical mark readers) and page scanners,
and a reseller of OMR scanners & page scanners, scanning software and web survey forms software.

We offer free trials of our scanning software, a free scan form review service, service bureau and print facilities, and online scan form
demos and online scan form training for our scan and survey form design software.

What You Can DO

>> Create scantron forms/plain paper forms/plain paper survey forms/web survey forms for Sekonic, NCS/Pearson, Scantron, Fujitsu,
Cannon, Panasonic, and other OMR and page scanners
>> Create scan forms for questionnaires, tests/evaluation/assessment, course requests, course evaluations, grade sheets, time and
attendance, surveys, plain paper surveys, web surveys, customer polls, customer/employee satisfaction, inventory and sales tracking,
medical patient encounter forms, etc.

Our Clients

DATA BLOCKS has worked with education, government and business clients since 1981 to improve data capture and reporting methods.
We maintain a special focus in the educational environment and offer tailored, well-tested solutions to K-12 school districts and institutions
of higher learning. We also serve clients in government, business, medicine and market research.