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Sekonic SR 2300 OMR Reader


Sekonic SR 2300
Services & Support

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Sekonic SR 2300
Optical Mark Reader has remarkable reading performance and it is touted to be the most
User-Friendly optical mark reader in the market today.The Advance Hardware Designs Guarantees smooth and efficient scanning of OMR Forms.

The Sekonic SR 2300 Hardware scans and processes data from surveys, tests and other office forms. The Hardware is combined with an OMR reader to recognize filled-in optical marks (bubbles and checkboxes) on forms, which automates the data collection process. This software gives you the great data collection, survey tabulation and test grading features of Remark Office OMR, but works with traditional OMR readers and pre-printed forms from NCS, Sekonic, Scantron, Chatsworth Data and Apperson Print Management.

OMR Solutions

OMR Solutions is a Sales and Support Office of Sekonic Optical Mark Reader (OMR) scanners . Powerful, automated data capture at 2300 to 3400 sheets per hour/15 cards per minute will save you hours of data entry time. Data entry goes from days to minutes and accuracy is increased. A Sekonic optical mark reader is fast, reliable and cost effective.

SR 2300 Must for Every..................

•Education Institutions (Universities,Schools,Coaching Institutes & Educational Consultants etc).

•Fortune 500 Companies (For HR Inhouse Survey and Quality Surveys,Customer Satisfaction Surveys etc and

•Small Business

•Government Agencies

•Market Research Firm Event Managment Firm (Surveys)

•Health Care Organisations

•Non-Profit Organisations and many more.

•Various tests of university and class appraisal and completion register, course investigation and application vote, in various questionnaires.
•Enterprise adoption appointment test and assessment of performance of government and municipal offices, in consciousness investigation, user's registration and questionnaire.

The functional + below-mentioned function of SR-2300 addition---

High speed processing 2300/actualizing the time

Reading adopting a new technology for processing.
Marks in data both sides reading type preparation.(DUPLEX READING)
Input job time was shortened more.

High The selection stacker which is convenient to re-check

In stacker, reading OK seat (lower position) with reading NG or misprint entrance seat (upper tier)
Being automatic, the distribution. It can depend on same re-check.

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