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Scantron OPSAN 6


Scantron OPSCAN 6
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Scantron’s versatile ES2800 Optical Mark Reader (OMR) represents the latest technology designed for handling everyday data collection tasks. This new OMR technology, along with advanced paper handling features, makes the ES2800 the perfect choice for today’s data entry challenges.

The ES2800 scans information directly from forms into the computer at up to 2,800 sheets per hour, ensuring a level of accuracy and efficiency unattainable through key entry. Productivity is further enhanced by the ES2800’s automatic document feeder, which eliminates the need for hand feeding.

A special output mechanism on the ES2800 allows forms to be sorted to different locations
during the scanning process. For example: Based on operator-defined criteria, scanned forms can be sorted into two separate bins, while mis-marked or incomplete forms are rejected and stopped at the top of the output platform for removal by the operator. Alternatively, rejected forms could be sent to one bin and scanned forms to the other.

To ensure data accuracy, the ES2800 allows the user to perform continuous, automatic readhead calibration and adjust mark sensitivity levels.

Form definitions can be stored in the scannerís memory (even while the machine is off), eliminating the need to repeatedly download a definition.

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