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OMR Solutions is one stop place for complete OMR Solutions. This solution is provided by leaders and expertise of this area.

FShort for *O*ptical *M*ark *R*ecognition, the technology of electronically extracting intended data from marked fields, such
as checkboxes and fill-infields, on printed forms. OMR technology scans a printed form and reads predefined positions and
records where marks are made on the form.
This technology is useful for applications in which large numbers of hand-filled forms need to be processed quickly and with
great accuracy, such as surveys, reply cards, questionnaires and ballots. A common OMR application is the use of "bubble
sheets" for multiple-choice tests used by schools. The student indicates the answer on the test by filling in the corresponding
bubble, and the form is fed through an optical mark reader (also abbreviated as OMR, a device that scans the document and
reads the data from the marked fields. The error rate for OMR technology is less than 1%.
OMR technology has been widely used since the 1970s for a variety of uses, including school and university tests, censuses,
surveys and lotteries, as well as for voting. It is also used in barcode readers, which are in widespread use in retailing, stock
taking, libraries and schools..

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