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OMR Application Areas

  Application section Examination processing Entries recruitment Status administration Care

UniversitiesHigh schools vocational schools Junior high schools Preparatory schools


Application forms Regular exams Trial exam Certification exams Ability tests

Sports tests

Application forms Academic registration Preferred schools registration Extra-curricular activities (clubs) Students election Food rationing applicationsX

Attendance administration Test on appropriateness intelligence test

Periodic health examinations Physical fitness measurments UR Cards Choice college counselling Mental care
General office Human affairs Assocation/managers Resource/storehouses Employment exams Recruits training promotion exams Union executives Users registrations Repair and maintenance registrations Ordering administration Time schedule/man-hour control Product quality control Inventory control Working attitude control Business daily reports Employees consciousness surveys wage consciousness surveys Employees surveys intra company communication
Medical care Hospitals/Institutions Inspection centers Clinical tests Psychoanalysis Donors registrations Blood type registrations Nursing care insurance Interview sheets
Others   Point ralliesX Point ralliesElectroal votes Admission tickets 'purchase Lots purchase Opinion polls Game records Game diagram/ball game ,etc  
Surveys Managment planning Sales planning customer affairs Products planning Post cards quiz

Prize contests Fans' polling Golf scores' cards Bowling scores' registrations

New product researches satisfaction researches service Regular readers' cards