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Sekonic SR 6500
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Scantron has come a long way since we introduced the first test scoring machine and scannable forms to schools back in 1972. Today, we offer the industry’s most comprehensive line of testing, assessment, and data collections solutions, including software tools to manage your projects from start to finish whether you create them in-house or outsource seamlessly using Scantron’s experts.

Solution Provider: As a true solutions provider, Scantron not only offers education software, but scanners and forms to meet all of your data collection needs. From our traditional Test Scoring Machine and Optical Mark Read (OMR) scanners to imaging scanners and software, Scantron has the top quality hardware that you would expect from a company with more than 32 years of experience.

Scantron Data Collection division provides the tools, technologies and services for fast, effective, and economical data management and capture. Data Collection offers Survey, Optical Mark Read (OMR), Imaging and Business Testing solutions across industries, specializing in solutions for Financial Services, Higher Education, Healthcare, Government and Hospitality.

In the commercial market, Scantron is one of a very few companies that can truly offer a complete data collection solution. From forms and scanners to maintenance, outsourcing services and application software, no other company can match Scantron’s range of products and services.

Combining high-speed (7,200 images per hour) with direct path duplex image capture, Clarity 120 enhances image deskew and noise reduction while improving time and track regeneration. In cases where traditional OMR forms have been damaged, Scantron SIMR technology generates "virtual timing tracks" to repair forms that would halt throughput with previous generation OMR scanners. To further enhance batch speeds, Clarity automatically corrects misfed forms.

The New-Age Scanning Solution

SIMR employs sophisticated, error-correction algorithms that correct common marking errors, such as misidentification of checkmarks, "Xs", erasures and bubbles. SIMR recognizes marks on forms completed in pencil or ink without having to change cartridges or purchase add-on cards.

Clarity also has dynamic barcode recognition, eliminating the need for separator sheets in many applications. By detecting barcodes on OMR forms or other documents during scanning, document image sizes and time needed for batch scanning are reduced.

Scantron software, such as Cognitionä and eListenä among others, work in tandem with Clarity to deliver a complete, automatic forms processing solution for faster, more accurate forms handling and information capture - streamlining the entire data collection process.

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