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Document Server Software

The professional solution to automate your document processing
RISDocument™ Server 9 is the most competitive and fastest professional solution on the market to convert all images into indexed and editable files, and provide multiple users with OCR services.

Process tons of documents automatically, 24h/7!

Thanks to the server-based process, provide users with OCR services and automate the convertion of unlimited volumes of documents non-stop!
Create clever and durable archives

Easily convert all your images into fully editable and searchable files from up to 130 different languages. Export your files using popular archiving formats.
Highly Compress your documents for archiving

Thanks to the iHQC™ technology, reduce the size of your documents without compromising the color quality and the legibility.
Save Money and get the best ROI!

IRISDocument™ Server 9 is one the best and yet one of the cheapest high-volume OCR solution on the market!

What is IRISDocument™ Server 9?
IRISDocument™ Server 9 is the most competitive and fastest professional solution on the market to convert all images into indexed and editable files, and provide multiple users with OCR services.

Main features


IRISDocument™ Server 9 supports many input formats such as PDF, JPG, TIFF and many more. Simply drop your files in the batch or the watched folder to launch the process!

IRISDocument™ Server 9 sorts and separates your files using barcodes or blank pages.

IRISDocument™ Server 9 easily indexes your documents through barcodes, generates full-page text indexes and XML index files.
Automatic process

IRISDocument™ Server 9 doesn't require any operator intervention. It processes your documents and generates an "OCR accuracy report" to let you evaluate the accuracy of the recognition.
OCR, Document Creation and Compression

IRISDocument™ Server 9 converts your documents into editable and searchable files. Many output formats are available, as well as hyper-compression.
Export Connectors

A large number of special connectors are available for integration with popular content, document and imaging applications.

To get started...

Easy Install, Easy to use

IRISDocument™ Server 9 is ready to be used "out of the box". No technical action is needed, just launch the software and you are ready to go. It's also very easy to configure and use by anyone!
Support & Webinar

Our technical support team is available for any trouble you may have to get started. For advanced use of the product, we also organize webinars with product specialists.
Demo Versions

Before you purchase IRISDocument™ Server 9, you can give it a try using our demo version.

Extend your platform

IRISPowerscan™ 9

IRISPowerscan™ 9 is a production scanning and OCR solution that supports the most popular high-speed scanners!
IRISPowerscan™ 9 will provide your scanner with the most reliable and fast scanning solution. Furthermore, IRISPowerscan™ 9 will recognize, index and archive your documents. This product is much more than a simple scanning software but it's the same price!

Main features:

• Complete scanning solution (no other scanning software needed)
• Works on a single workstation
• Includes IRISDocument™ 9 (limited edition, to be used on a single worstation while using IRISPowerscan™)
• Includes advanced sorting and indexing features
• Easy export to SharePoint, ERP, DMS,...
• The scanning speed is limited when performing recognition at the same time (due to processor limitations). For large volumes, you
  will need to perform the recognition on a server using IRISDocument™ Server 9 for IRISPowerscan™.

IRISDocument™ Server 9 for IRISPowerscan™

For optimal scanning and processing performance, it's recommended to use a server-based process. This configuration will allow the scanning to be performed on one or many scanning stations using IRISPowerscan™ or another scanning software. The recognition process will be performed in the same time on a server using IRISDocument™ Server 9. IRISDocument™ Server 9 connects seamlessly to any number of scanning stations.

This server-based architecture will let you get the most of you scanner when saving resources to performe the recognition. Furthermore, any user connected to the network will be able to drop files in the shared watched folder of IRISDocument™ Server 9. That way, the recognition is made on the server and the users save the full resources of their machine for other works.

Main features:

• Speed optimization on your scanning stations and unlimited volume recognition on your server
• Includes all IRISDocument™ Server 9 features
• Works on a server or a workstation connected to any number of IRISPowerscan™ scanning stations
• Easy export to SharePoint, ERP, DMS,...

Available Add-ons

Arabic OCR Add-on for IRISDocument™ Server 9
This add-on is totally unique and enriches IRISDocument™ Server 9 with the recognition of Arabic and Farsi.

Asian OCR Add-on for IRISDocument™ Server 9
Enriches your software with 4 additional Asian recognition languages: Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean.

Hebrew OCR Add-on for IRISDocument™ Server 9
Enriches your software with Hebrew recognition.

Document Compression ::

iHQC™ Add-on for IRISDocument™ Server 9
iHQC™ is the revolutionary hyper-compression technology from I.R.I.S., which will dramatically reduce the size of your PDF, PDF/a and XPS files (color or black and white) while maintaining perfect image quality and text legibility. iHQC™ generates better quality than JPEG 2000 with much smaller files.

iHQC™ offers several levels of compression. IRISDocument™ comes standard with the basic one, for unlimited volumes of documents. You will also enjoy the best levels of compression for 1,000 documents/year without having to purchase the Add-on.

If you need the best levels of compression for more than 1,000 documents/year, you can purchase the iHQC™ Add-on for IRISDocument™ Server 9. Depending on your needs, you can choose from ::

• Add-On High Compression iHQC for IRISDocument Server 9 100K Pages
• Add-On High Compression iHQC for IRISDocument Server 9 250K Pages
• Add-On High Compression iHQC for IRISDocument Server 9 500K Pages
• Add-On High Compression iHQC for IRISDocument Server 9 1000K Pages
• Add-On High Compression iHQC for IRISDocument Server 9 Unlimited Pages

Various Add-ons ::

SharePoint Add-On for IRISDocument™ Server 9
IRISDocument™ Server 9 connects directly to any Microsoft® SharePoint® server to export the generated documents with their indexes.

Moreover if you combine IRISDocument™ with IRISPowerscan™, the different document types and their indexes you defined prior to scanning will be exported to SharePoint® along with your files, automatically into the right document libraries, based on these document types.

Multi-CPU Add-on for IRISDocument™ Server 9
With the multi-CPU Add-on, spread the workload across the dual/quad cores of your CPU(s) to make the best use of your computer and server resources.

For instance, with this Add-on and on a quad-core CPU, IRISDocument™ Server will process up to a stunning 60,000 documents/day on a single PC!

Expand your platform ::

IRISCapture™ Pro for Forms
IRISCapture™ Pro for Forms is the perfect solution to process and encode automatically any kind of paper or electronic form.
IRISCapture Pro for Invoices
IRISCapture™ Pro for Invoices is a professional solution to encode and archive automatically all incoming invoices.
IRISCapture™ Pro Sort & Index
IRISCapture™ Pro Sort & Index is I.R.I.S.’ solution for the automatic identification, sorting and indexing of paper and electronic documents.
IRIS-Docutec SC Capture Plus
IRIS-Docutec SC Capture Plus together with IRISPowerscan™ can perfectly be used in the Digital Mailroom to generate index data, classify documents of all kind and distribute them via workflow.
IRIS-Docutec SP Accounts Payable
IRIS-Docutec SP Accounts Payable, in combination with IRISPowerscan™, represents the solution for invoices of all types, with its predefined solution packages and rule sets covering all specialties for different industry sectors and countries.

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