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Remark Classic OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) software

Remark Classic OMR

The Remark Classic OMR® software scans and processes data from tests, assessments, surveys and other forms. The software is combined with an OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) reader to recognize filled-in marks on forms (“fill in the bubble” forms), which automates the data collection process. This software gives you the great data collection, test grading, and survey analysis features of Remark Office OMR, but works with traditional OMR readers and pre-printed forms from Pearson Assessments (formerly NCS), Chatsworth Data, Sekonic, Scantron and Apperson Print Management. Are you already using Remark Classic OMR and thinking about upgrading? See what's new in version 3.

Remark Classic OMR Overview

Defining Your Forms

Remark Classic OMR is very flexible in that it can work with most any form that works with a traditional OMR machine. Remark Classic OMR uses a template for each form type that is to be recognized. The template holds the information that allows the software to recognize the areas of data on the form and produce output. Remark Classic OMR works with many standard forms that are in use today. For those forms, pre-defined templates are included in the software. You can also create or purchase your own OMR forms independently of Remark Classic OMR, and then train the software to read them. Forms created using design packages such as Magenta™ from DataBlocks can also be used with the software. Remark Classic OMR comes with a Template Editor for this process. Training is a simple procedure where you create a template for a form by defining the areas on the form containing data to be processed. You then fill in some information about each of these areas (this defines what each completed mark should transl ate into) and through this process the software “learns” how to process your form

Reading Forms

The Remark Classic OMR software works with a supported OMR reader to read and process your forms. Remark Classic OMR recognizes data from OMR fields (bubble fields). For Pearson Assessment and Sekonic scanners, the software also supports the optional barcode reader and the transport printer. Built in exception handling easily locates and allows you to correct or verify any erroneously marked forms (i.e. a person fills in two marks for a question, or fails to answer a question).

Data Export

Once your forms have been read and processed, the software can save the data to one of over 35 different output formats for use with virtually any analysis package (such as SPSS, dBase, Access, Excel or ASCII). Remark Classic OMR can even save your data to an ODBC compatible database. Or, save your data in Remark Classic OMR's own format and take advantage of the software's built in analytical tools.

Data Analysis with Remark Quick Stats®

Remark Classic OMR includes the Remark Quick Stats application, which provides powerful test grading and survey analysis functions with the click of a button. If you administer tests, the software can automatically grade them. You can specify an answer key, grade scale, map questions to learning objectives, set benchmark values and more using the Grade Wizard. Then the software can grade the test and produce reports representing the students' performance, item analysis, frequency distribution, student scores and other data. Remark Quick Stats also produces a grade report for each student which can be printed and handed back. For survey applications, Remark Quick Stats can tabulate your survey and then run reports such as an item analysis, item statistics or crosstabs to view your results.

Student Statistics Report

Grade Report by Group

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