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is carried by design professionals at OMR Solutions.

The forms designed are highly professional and are warranteed for 100% scanning .

Designers work with Printers of your choice and suggest them the best way to print your forms on any OMR . OMR and ICR Forms rely on Color Scheme and the Solution you have opted for.


For Eg OMR Forms depends upon the Channels or on the Pitch of your OMR Readers, while ICR Forms Depends

upon the specific Application you would like to use . We have a database of over 100 different OMR Models available and we can design the Forms as per the need of the OMR .

It can be 40 Channels or 48 Channels. Depending upon how much data you would like to capture OMR Forms can be customised and designed as per your needs.

OMR Forms and ICR Forms for Univerisites , Banks , Education Boards, Insurances are very well designed so that you get 100 % accuracy with OMR Forms , and with ICR Forms as per the specifications given by ICR Application Developer. Be it Survey
application form or Examination , you name and we can astheticallyand accurately design

Form Designed by our Experts at OMR
Some of the OMR Forms Designed by Us

For your specific Inquiry to Design form you can send us the Feedback here.