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ARTICLES (June 2006)

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*OMR* Short for *O*ptical *M*ark *R*ecognition, the technology of electronically extracting intended data from marked fields,
such as checkboxes and fill-infields, on printed forms. OMR technology scans a printed form and reads predefined positions and
records where marks are made on the form. This technology is useful for applications in which large numbers of... more »

Whats is OMR Technology?

OMR refers to the technique of converting a handwritten marks into an ASCII value. The Mark is created by filling a circle or a
box on a pre-printed form . The presence or absence of a Mark in a specific location is then converted into a value such
as a selection in a multi- choicequestion, the selection of one item in a list of several, or even to code a... more »


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