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How to Make your Surveys Count
(Dated Aug 26)

Reasons for maximising response rates Receiving a low response rate from your survey will skew the results due to response bias,
as certain types of people are more likely to respond to surveys than others so certain views will prevail. A higher response rate allows more robust statistical calculations to be carried... more »

MCQ Designing Part -1

A "multiple choice question" (MCQ) is a question in which students are asked to select
one alternative from a given
list of alternatives in response to a "question stem".more »

OMR Software or OMR Scanner

Technology has taken due course and OMR has evolved from 1960 as a White
Elephant to White Horse . How often people with Low Budget can afford OMR Data
Collection from Document Scanners using Software like Remark Office OMR .
Remark Office OMR is a gem of software with Document Scanner and solves most
of the OMR requirement with ease. Its... more »


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