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OMR Solutions is one stop place for complete OMR Solutions. This solution is provided by leaders and expertise of this area.


Technology has taken due course and OMR has evolved from 1960 as a White Elephant to White Horse . How often people with
Low Budget can afford OMR Data Collection from Document Scanners using Software like Remark Office OMR . Remark Office
OMR is a gem of software with Document Scanner and solves most of the OMR requirement with ease. Its affordable and ease
of use has made the software the most popular in the world.

But clients are always stuck up with a single question, OMR Scanner or OMR Software . I classify the same on two simple
basis, one volume and second the accuracy of OMR Scanners when the volume of data (number of fields in the application
forms ) is high . No wonder Remark can provide you with the same accuracy as of OMR reader but when we talk of volume we
look forward for OMR Scanners. Some times there remains a thin line if you chose wrong OMR Scanner with Low Volume and
ends up just making your scanners as white elephant .

OMR Scanners uses pre-printed OMR Forms with very specific design and High accuracy of registrations with Timing Marks and
Bubbles To be very specific . Just like you do so much with designing OMR Forms, with Remark Office if you put even half of
such efforts immense accuracy can be achieved . Document Scanners of high speed are available in the market , but as the
speed goes high they tend to become same costly as dedicated OMR readers . Sekonic series of SR2300 are cost effective
OMR readers which are touted to be the best and friendliest OMR reader
available in the market today .

A rough estimate of SR2300 with Vision OMR/Remark Classic (Software to grade your answer sheet) with effective speed of 54
ppm will be costing range of USD 8000 (it can be lower if you chose pencil only read head etc) . While
if you plan to use High Speed Scanners say from Ricoh or

>From Scanmax using Remark Office OMR cost will go somewhere the same .

After that all depends upon the end usage . For Surveys I prefer Document Scanners and For Examination of High Volume it
should be OMR Scanner.

So Chose the best for your applications and also look what expandability you expect. So you choice should be a White Horse