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ARTICLES (July 2006)

OMR Solutions is one stop place for complete OMR Solutions. This solution is provided by leaders and expertise of this area.


Form Desigining For OMR Scanners

Form Designing for OMR Forms is the bottom as these are base for accurate readings. A wrongly designed form can be hassle so
recommendations are to consult the professional once the design is being finalised . a. Good Software which should have specially
CMYK as Colors as most Sheets are Magenta and Black .The safe colors are very important, as... more »

Remarkable Experiences

In this issue we would like to discuss various experience of our customers. And we take case study of Maharashtra Private Medical
College Entrance Examination.The Exam was a typical pattern of 200 questions 50 each of Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany .
The Form was already designed before the client decided to purchase... more »


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