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Scantron ES 2010- Features


Scantron ES 2010
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Feature Highlights


The ES2010 scans information directly from forms into a computer at up to 2,000 pages per hour, providing a level of accuracy and efficiency unattainable through manual key entry.


A continuous, automatic readhead calibration and user-defined mark sensitivity levels on the ES2010 add to data accuracy by enabling the machine to recognize poor quality marks while being able to tell the difference between actual marks and error corrections.

The ES2010 has built-in intelligence that allows it to remember form definitions while the scanner is off, eliminating the need to download a definition multiple times.


An LCD panel displays current job status, while an optional printer interface relays messages and serial numbers for instant form identification. Ink, and bar code-reading options are also available for the ES2010, as well as an automatic document feeder that holds up to 150 forms for hands-free form scanning. The ScanMark ES2010—High-end data collection at a low-end price.


The Evolution Scanner (ES) 2010 combines low cost with enhanced performance. It is part of a new breed of Optical Mark Reader (OMR) technology that incorporates an open architecture allowing it to accept and utilize future enhancements in data collection technology.

Performance :

High Speed reading

ES -2010
connectable any Lap
top / Mobile PC /
Desktop PC


Easy maintenance, Cleaning and Removing jammed sheet.


Select Stacker equipped Accept / Reject sheet selectable. Various Option Select Stacker Visible reading head Double reading head
Bar Code Reader, Inkjet Printer

ES-2010: Select Stacker is optional unit.

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