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Who We Are

OMR India Outsources Pvt. Ltd., is a part of IOS group and formed in year 2004 by a Serial Entrepreneur Rohit Gupta. As the name suggest OMR India Outsources Pvt. Ltd. Provide Outsourcing services in the following area.

1. IT Outsourcing Services - Application Development, IT e Services like Data Processing, Scanning & Digitisation Solutions, Data Entry Services, University & College IT Services Like Examination and Admission Process using OMR and Online Platform. Digital Onscreen Evaluation Solutions.

2. HR Outsourcing Services - End to End Recruitment Solutions for Government and Corporate. Training and Motivating Employees

3. Marketing Outsourcing Solutions - Creation of Brand and awareness on Social Media, Digital Platform, Videos, Short Films solutions, RFID Based Race Timing Solutions. Printing Solutions

4. Operation Outsourcing Services - Managing Company Assets through RFID Based Asset Tracking Solutions

5. Consulting Solutions- New Business Process, Existing Business workflow Challenges, Improving and Sourcing the Hardware & Software, Vendor for getting the project delivered.

Our Skills

Website Design 81%
Graphic Design 63%
WordPress 85%
HTML5/CSS3 90%

Meet Our Team

  • Mr. Rohit Gupta - CMD

Rohit Gupta started the company with a vision to become one platform organisation which would provide outsourcing services to its customers in such a way that the customer can focus on the development of their core area.

“Lot of the area within the organisation are the necessary evil and has to be dealt with even if you have skills or not, doing this causes as lot of pain and the goal of the organisation is shifted from what they were suppose to do. For example a company which manufactures transformers are best to deal with its manufacturing process but it faces challenges in terms of the marketing to the right channels. Business have to understand that its not just one formal media which is reaching to your customer, I mean there were days when there were formal channels and publications dedicated to a particular industry, but today we have the real people in the virtual world who are trying to reach and there is a complex and bit technical know how. Such kind of learning would definitely shift the focus of the manufacturer to market. At such point of time our Organisation comes in the picture which can define audience and take your product to them. Similary a Film Maker should concentrate the best on his film and let the marketing of such a project needs to be done by an experienced marketing through our specialised Team” - Rohit Gupta

Rohit Gupta is the CMD of the organisation, First Generation Entrepreneur , B.E in Chemical Engineering and has 15 years of Vast Experience in Industry Varied from IT , RFID, Printing to Film Business.

He Believes all Business follow some pattern or as they say nerve of the business, and once you catch it solution and growth is around the corner. During Consulting this has been the biggest challenge for any consultant.

Rohit Gupta has worked with Customers Like UPSC , Ministry of Education in India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri lanka, Ethiopian Airlines, African Countries to the Universities in India like Anna University, CCS University . In RFID and Government recruitment the customers like UP Police, Rajasthan Police, Tamil Nadu Police to CISF, BSF, Indian Army, Indian Airforce. Working with high stake customers always push you to your limits and thats where your growth start.

Rohit Gupta is also responsible for Collaborating with the Gravic Inc, Opex Corp. USA, Sekonic Corp. Japan, Alien Technology USA, DRS UK , Charactall USA, Primagest Japan for their Product and Services for India and International Market.

Rohit Gupta is a father of a lovely 12 year old daughter a district level Skating Champion and and a 11 year old son.

  • Mrs. Swapna Gupta - Head of Admin & HR

Swapna Gupta is the Director in the organisation joined in year 2010 and is a Management Graduate from Karnataka University, she handles all the HR and Administration within the organisation. She has a knack of establishing good rapport with the Team and goes extra mile to support the team at time of emergency. She can switch gears within organisation and is able to move in various aspect of the organisation right from HR to Financial Obligations, Compliances and managing day to day situations. She is in love with her iPad and always carry the same with No Compromise approach.

Within the organisation she is vocal on the issues related to success of the organisation. She also like to produce short films and has done few investments in award winning short films.

She has one daughter and one son, both are equally supportive and let her mother works in late hours as and when needed.

  • Mr. Amit Sharma - Country Head

Amit Sharma an MBA by qualification with over 18 years experience and is responsible for the Projects and Successful delivery of the agreeable deliverables. He takes the lead in terms of synthesising the project and making sure that its delivered before time and in the budget. He has been associated since the inception of the company and still can start coding when ever the need arises.

He follows the Quality Control System and is responsible for maintaining ISO Standards within the organisation. Amit Sharma can work nights to make the project successful and is known for his logic in Data Handling.

He is such an incredible and loyal asset to the organisation that every body looks for him in the need of any hour. He can drive his car over 1000 km to make sure customer is satisfied with the work.

Amit Sharma is a father of two young son , both of them are doing great in the early of their School life.

ReAsions to Choose us

Improved OCR, OMR, or ICR Solutions
If you require improved optical character recognition, optical mark recognition, or intelligent character recognition on an international-level, then OMR Solutions is the company you're searching for.
What Being a One-Stop Solution Entails
Instead of going to different providers for separate OCR, OMR, and ICR services you can acquire them all in one place at OMR India Solutions. Logistically and cost-effectively speaking, this is the best deal around.
We Think Big But We Don't Charge Big
The most important thing you need to know about OMR Solutions when it comes to its services is that it's a specialist that's cost-effective. It's a company that "thinks big", which means you, will be receiving encoding, character recognition, and even handwriting recognition services on a more global scale that takes into consideration your needs in branching out.

Our History

  • 2003
    INDIA OUTSOURCES established in Year 2003 as a Software Development organisation and now has established itself as a leading player in OMR and OCR Started as the Low Capital of USD 500
  • 2010
    Current Turn Over of Company is USD 2 MILLION and Projecting over USD 5 Millions by Year 2010 Closing