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ICR Software

ICR software has a self-learning system referred to as a neural network, which automatically updates the recognition database for new handwriting patterns. It extends the usefulness of scanning devices for the purpose of document processing, from printed character recognition (a function of OCR) to hand-written matter recognition. Because this process is involved in recognizing hand writing, accuracy levels may, in some circumstances, not be very good but can achieve 97%+ accuracy rates in reading handwriting in structured forms. Often to achieve these high recognition rates several read engines are used within the software and each is given elective voting rights to determine the true reading of characters. In numeric fields, engines which are designed to read numbers take preference, while in alpha fields, engines designed to read hand written letters have higher elective rights. When used in conjunction with a bespoke interface hub, hand-written data can be automatically populated into a back office system avoiding laborious manual keying and can be more accurate than traditional human data entry.

ICR Software

Form Storm

Improving Data Entry with Form Storm
Data collection is one of the most tedious processes on any business. If you want a faster transition of your workflow from pile of paper works to an automated database solution, Form Storm Enterprise is your best ally. 

IRS Capture

Optimize your Invoice Processing System with IRS Capture
Invoice processing is one of the common problems of any financial unit. IRIS Capture is a kind of software that offers a standardized invoice processing system. It offers scanning services for both paper and electronic invoices in order to keep and collect them on a centralized database.

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