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Document Management

For every working place of any field, document management is necessary to manage the huge piles of documents in such a way so that it can be within reach whenever needed in the desired form without wasting extra time and space. Since computer and scanners are wonderful devices and much useful in document management. With OMr Solutions services of Scanning of documents can be done easily and hard copies can be converted into soft copies.

Document Management

Document Scanning and Imaging

The software ships with scanning software that support over 300 different scanners types to allow organizations to “Go paperless”. Basic and advances 3rd party scanning software is supported for both simple and complex document scanning operations. Document Scanning and Imaging 

Document Version Control

Document version control software provides: check in / checkout ability preventing documents from being overwritten or deleted as documents are updated by more than one party. All versions of a document are maintained by the software. Version Control

Records Management Software

Manage both short and long term working and archived documents.  Advanced Record retention and disposition policies for both electronic and paper based records are standard in the software.  Document, data and usage history is fully captured to stay in compliance. Records Management

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