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OMR Form Design

Survey forms, questionnaires and long examinations are some of the traditional paper works that can consume a lot of time and effort when it comes to data checking and analysis. This dilemma can be aided by the leading windows-based processing software,Remark Office OMR. The software allows processing of your papers for evaluation through three simple steps- design, image scanning and data collection and analysis.

New Features in Remark Office OMR 8 
Remark Office OMR 8 has many new features. The following list provides an overview of what is new in this version. Click the to the left of any section to see the new features. 

OMR Form Design


Managing your Text and Graphics with Flips
OMR or Optical Mark Recognition has been making a name when it comes to scanning devices and output print methods. ‘Flips’ is a known application when it comes to laser printing of forms that are used on OMR. The application can also allow modification of forms through its accessible format on Windows.


How Magenta Software can Improve Data Gathering
Data gathering is an important phase of any marketing analysis. Magenta software is a great tool for your data gathering problems and needs for more accurate data on your surveys and questionnaires. The software also includes OMR scanner that can generate customized forms based on the marketing research you will conduct.


Getting the Best Scanning System with Concord
Image scanning is one of the products of modern technology. A better image quality can be attained if you have the right scanning package like Concord Suite. This software can answer all your scanning problems with its multi-functional device that is included on the software package. It also features extensive features like form generation, data export and collection.

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