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Governments from all over the world will always have to do paperwork, files, and document management. Government also have great amount of documentation regarding survey capturing which includes population survey, KYC surveys & recruitments like Class I, Class II and Class III etc. all such exams have their application processes, admit card processes online & offline. So in order to ensure the efficiency of their work without the risk of bureaucratic red tape and corruption (which usually comes about through tedious manual labor and long working hours, dealing with thousands of people in a single day), OMR Solutions technologies can help them out by OMR sheet printing, scanning, data capturing, evaluation and at the end provide final merit list.

Government Wise

Application Sections
  • Human Affairs Associations
  • Managers Resources
  • Store Houses
  • Examination Processing
  • Employment Exams
  • Recruits Training
  • Promotion Exams
  • Entries Recruitment
  • Union Executives User
  • Registration Repair and Maintenance Registrations
  • Status Administration
  • Ordering Administration Time Schedule
  • Man-Hour Control
  • Product Quality Control
  • Inventory Control
  • Working Attitude Control
  • Business Daily Reports
  • Care
  • Employees Consciousness
  • Serveys Wage Consciousness
  • Surveys Employees Surveys
  • Scout Surveys Intra
  • Company Communication
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