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Corporate WISE

Naturally, corporations will also benefit immensely from having ICR, OCR, and OMR technologies in their hands because they themselves require a metric ton of documentation, surveying like Marketing surveysHR surveys,Campus Recruitment solutions and encoding of important data. Being able to scan and digitize text or recognize marked information on document forms is a must for any business. Document forms that are easy to mark, manage, and compile will make government documentation work much easier than ever before. This is especially true for multinationals that desire immediate turnovers and quick data procurement.

Corporate Wise

Application Sections
  • Human Affairs Associations
  • Managers Resources
  • Store Houses
  • Examination Processing
  • Employment Exams
  • Recruits Training
  • Promotion Exams
  • Entries Recruitment
  • Union Executives User
  • Registration Repair and Maintenance Registrations
  • Status Administration
  • Ordering Administration Time Schedule
  • Man-Hour Control
  • Product Quality Control
  • Inventory Control
  • Working Attitude Control
  • Business Daily Reports
  • Care
  • Employees Consciousness
  • Serveys Wage Consciousness
  • Surveys Employees Surveys
  • Scout Surveys Intra
  • Company Communication
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