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Whether you need to collect data from paper OMR ("fill in the bubble") forms or web forms, Gravic’s Remark software helps you complete your job faster, with less effort, and at a lower cost.

Products for use with plain paper forms and off the shelf image scanners

Remark Office OMR

Our flagship product, Remark Office OMR®, is the world's leading scanning software for collecting and analyzing data from plain paper OMR (optical mark recognition) forms. No special forms and scanners are required! By creating and printing their own forms and using common scanners, customers have seen cost savings of several thousands of dollars per year. Click here to download a working demo copy or sign up for a webinar to see the software in action. Learn More.

Remark Test Grading Edition

The Remark Test Grading Edition software takes all the power of Remark Office OMR and streamlines it for the K-12 educator. Follow simple steps to print pre-loaded answer sheets (with student, class, teacher, and test identifiers on them), scan, and score your tests. Save your school thousands of dollars on form cost by printing your answer sheets on plain-paper and using existing image scanners or multi-function printers to scan your multiple-choice tests. Use the variety of built-in K-12 test grading reports to analyze how your students are performing. Grades are easily exported to your gradebook or learning management system. Click here to request a trial copy or sign up for a webinar to see the software in action. Learn more.

Product for use with pre-printed forms and traditional OMR scanners

Remark Classic OMR

There are tens of thousands of people using traditional OMR scanners and Gravic has a solution for you. Our Remark Classic OMR® scanning software is a popular solution for use with these dedicated scanners and standard forms. Providing an easy to use interface and a powerful analysis engine all in one product, Remark Classic OMR grades your tests or tabulates your surveys using your Scantron, Sekonic, or most other OMR scanners. Not sure which product is right for you? See a comparison between Remark Office OMR and Remark Classic OMR for more information. Learn More.

Product for creating and administering web surveys

Remark Web Survey

In some cases, it is less expensive and easier to have respondents complete forms on the Internet. Our Remark Web Survey® software is a popular tool that allows you to create flexible web surveys and forms without being a programmer. Rather than sending your customers to some third party website, your web forms and important data reside on your web server, eliminating confusion and allowing you to control your data. To maximize your response rate, combine Remark Web Survey with Remark Office OMR and give respondents the option of a paper or web form. Learn More.

With over 70,000 licensees in all corners of the world, our Remark products remain the most powerful and popular solutions for collecting data from your surveys, tests, assessments, evaluations and other forms. Our users come from many different industries including primary (K-12) education, higher education, large and small businesses, government organizations and healthcare.


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