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Education Wise

Instead of hiring expensive interns, encoders, and secretaries to manually encode text into the computer, why not simply scan whole books and files while using OMR Solutions' cutting-edge document scanners and software to recognize the scanned text and turn them into digital text, you can open and edit through word processors (i.e., image character recognition and optical character recognition)? Besides which, traditional OMR document forms and scanning have many survey and examination applications which help in School, Coaching and University Testing. It also provides help in surveys conducted for teachers, children and parents.

Education Wise

Application Sections
  • Universities
  • High Schools
  • Vocational Schools
  • Junior High School
  • Preparatory Schools
  • Intermediate Schools
  • Examination Processing
  • Application Forms
  • Regular Exams
  • Trial Exams
  • Junior High School
  • Certification Exam
  • Ability Tests
  • Sports Tests
  • Entries Recruitment
  • Application Forms
  • Academic Registration
  • Preferred Schools Registration
  • Extra Curricular Activites
  • (Clubs)Students Election
  • Food Rationing Applications
  • Status Administration
  • Attendence Administration
  • Tests on Apppropriateness
  • Intelligence Tests
  • Care Firm
  • Periodic Health Examinations
  • Physical Fitness measurments
  • UR cards choice of college
  • Counselling Mental Care
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