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  • Find the Benefits of Using OMR Solutions
    We Build Smarter Stuff!
    recommended to Highly Customisable & Clean, Professional
    Accurate Solutions
  • Easy-to-Use
    Awesome OMR
    OMR Readers

    Benefits of Using Sekonic
    It comes with Speed from 1800 to11000 sheets /hour
    Unique Features. Dual Side Reading
    suitable for Pen & Pencil
    Bar Code Reader, Transport Printer
    Rejecter Bin!
  • Remark Office OMR
    Software Based
    Benefits of Using Remark Office OMR
    Uses Plain Paper Forms
    Design & Print Forms Locally
    Use Normal Document Scanners,
    Get Results and Various Reports in Minutes!
  • DRS PS Series Scanners
    State of Art
    Image Mark Readers
    Benefits of Using DRS PS970
    Speed upto 10,500 sheets per Hour,
    Form Size upto 17inches
    Captures Both Image and OMR Data in One Pass,
    Captures Data , Analyze , Crop Image , Read Barcode in Seconds!
  • SR11000 OMR Scanner
    Highest Speed
    Benefits of Using SR11000
    11000 Sheets /hour ,
    Dual Side Ink Read Head
    Barcode Reader,
    Transport Printer & Rejector Bin Get Accurate
    Data Capturing in Seconds!
OMR Softwares

OMR Solutions Developes and Distributes various type of OMR Softwares which are used by various Institutes and Industries based on their requierment . It uses Normal Document Scanners or OMR Scanners to Capture the Data

OMR readers

OMR Readers are Computer Peripheral Device like Scanners which can be directly attached with the Computer, Uses OMR Sensors to accurately Capture the Data directly from the OMR Sheets .


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about OMR Solutions

OMR Solutions is the Venture of an Readers & Scanners Ltd and IOS India .

OMR Solutions provides all solutions related to the field of OMR, Grading Solution, OCR Solution, Testing and Surveys . Our Softwares and Hardwares are manufactured under Strict Quality Control . All OMR Scanners are Certified UL , CE and BIS. Further our Software have recieved over 100,000 Customers world wide !



    It’s structured to deal with different demands.


    Provides customers with easy-to-use Optical Mark Recognition application.


    Various file types can be made as input. This may be in the form of Photoshop images, Portable Bitmaps, JPEG, TIFF images, Adobe Acrobat etc.


    We can work with intense data collection and even project analysis.


    Less expensive and we gather more information from respondents through surveys.

  • 40+ HTML PAGES

    This software can save data in various formats including HTML.

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Sekonic SR11000 OMR Scanner

Worlds highest Speed OMR Scanner upto 11,000 Sheets /hour . Competes with the Best !!.

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