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Sekonic sr-11000

The Fastest and the Most Versatile Sekonic SR11000 Scanner

Sekonic is now presenting the world’s fastest reading OMR scanner with a speed of 11,000 sheets per hour. Sekonic SR11000 allows the user to process large volumes of OMR forms at maximum speed and designed with cutting-edge functions for reduced time, effort and money.

The SR-11000 has a reading accuracy of 99.99% while offering the world1s fastest reading speed of 11,000 sheets per hour. This high level of performance is enabled by combining several mechanisms that incorporate SEKONIC's optical technology and mechatronics. The high reliability and usability of the SR-11000 significantly improve the efficiency of OMR sheet processing.

sekonic sr-11000

Technical Specifications
Read Sensor Read Head 1(Single Side) or 2(Dual Sides)
Mark Discrimination 16 Steps (256 Degrees)
Light Source

Infra Red Ray (940nm) Visible Red Ray (660nm)

Mark Impliments

Infra Red Ray: Pencil only Visible Red Ray: Pencil+Pen (Blur or Red)

Read Head Channels

1/6"(48 Channels), 0.2"(40 Channels), 0.25"(33 Channels), 0.3(27 Channels)

Mark Shapes Rectangle, Oval and Circles.
Read Technique Reading Reflective Sensor
Scanning Error Detection

Automatic Paper Discharge, Sheet Empty,Double feeding, Timing mark, Left End Skew Left Sheet on the (eject) tray

Interface USB 2.0 (High Speed)
Operation LCD Display 40 Charactors(20 Charactors x 2 lines)
Operation Button 5 Buttons
Hopper Hopper Capacity (*1)

500 Sheets

<Option>A4 Sheet Loading Assist

Marksheet Marksheet Size

Card (IBM card)

B5 A4 8.9" 4"

Marksheet Width

82.55 to 228.6nm

(3.25 to 9")

Marksheet Length

187 to 304.8nm

(7.36" to 12")

Rows 80 Rows
Columns 48 Columns(1/6") 40 Columns(1/5") 33 Columns(1/4") 27 Columns(1/3")
Form Quality High Quality Paper or OCR Paper
Thickness 72-135kg 0.11-0.19mm / 83.8g /m2 to 157g /m2
Feed Speed Up to 11,000/hour
Suction System In the Device
Printer Printing Method Ink Jet
Print Content (*2) Fixed Characters (Max 20 bites) Sequence Number (Max 8 Digits) Date, Time(yyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss)
The Number of Printable Characters Maximum 28 Characters
Type of Character Alphabet, Numeric, Japanese( Kanal)
Character Size H:3mm W:4mm-6.4mm (H:0.1" W:0.15"-0.25")
Character Gap 0.8mm-92mm (0.03"-3.62")
Print Pixels H: 12pixels W: 9 Pixels
Print Position On top Main Scan Direction: Adjust Head Position By manualy, Sub Scan Direction: Set Start Position by Program
Ink Cartridge Expire: 6 month after open the pacage or Print 1,000,000 Characters
Exit Tray Tray Capacity Main:500 Sheets Select(reject)150Sheets (*1)
Power Voltage/Relatives Ac 100-240V 50-60Hz






Temperature 5-35 degree C (41-95)F



W x H x D



800 x 490 x 365 (mm) 31.5 x 19.3 x 14.3(*)

Weight 37Kgs (81.5Lbs)
Accessories User manual, A4 Check Sheets, A4 mark entry sheets, USB Cable, Power Cable Ink Cartridge, Exit Trays
New Prism Position Sensors that constantly monitor high speed feeding.
The SR-11000 has 11 position sensors, including the new Prism Position Sensors, which precisely monitor the paper handling. The sensors constantly monitor the sheets as they are being fed at high speed to ensure precise feeding. If a feed error is detected during operation, sheet feeding is immediately stopped to avoid or reduce damage to the following OMR sheets.
USB interface for building a distributed network
The SR-11000 has a USB 2.0 (High Speed) interface. The processing speed can be increased by configuring a distributed network with multiple SR-11000 units. By using two SR-11000 units, for example, you can process 22,000 sheets per hour, twice the number that is possible with one unit. This would be useful when there is a need to process very large volumes of sheets in a short time or when processing OMR sheets during the busiest times of the year.
Multi Layout for mixed types of OMR sheets
Even a mixture of different types of OMR sheets" can be read based on individual mark rules and then output as distinct data.
*Sheets must be of the same size and use the same mark pitch.
Built-in ink-jet printer that reduces the work to be performed after sheet processing

The bnilt-in ink-jet printer prints information, such as consecutive numbering or dates, on each sheet. The printing position can be easily adjusted with the indicator. This greatly reduces the time needed for sorting processed sheets.


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