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sekonic sr-55 D

Sekonic SR 55 D

The SEKONIC SR-55D is the initial model of optical readers with Signal Reader (OMR). With its portable and portable feature, it is an excellent product that can be used anywhere without being dependent on location.

SEKONIC SR-55D, made in Japan; It has been designed to meet the needs of institutions (Vocational Schools, Schools, Course and Study Centers, Dormitories, Stationeries, Companies, etc.) with 500 and less students and staff. It is a product that makes a great contribution to lower the cost of the unit exam, especially thanks to the fact that it reads even the very small Optical Forms without any problem.

SR-55 D
  • It features Dual Face Pencil and Marker (Blue-Black) Pen Reading (OMR).
  • Signal Reading Speed ​​(OMR): 1000 Form / Hour.
  • Input Tray: 105 gr. It takes 30 forms.
  • Output tray: It has the capacity to accumulate 50 forms.
  • Form Size that can be read: Width: 110 mm to 228 mm Length: 130 mm to 297 mm
  • Form Weight: OMR: 90 grams to 130 grams of paper can read.
  • Features automatic double paper control.
  • It can work in Windows XP (32bit), Vista (32bit), Windows 7 (32bit), Windows 7 (64bit) environments.
  • Infra - red head (mirrored) reading feature.
  • Marking Position: 1/6"


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