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sekonic sr-6500

Sekonic SR 6500 OMR Scanner with Select Stacker

The OMR technology captures the black and white data on the forms for easy, simple and accurate use. Sekonic SR 6500 has a reading speed of approximately 5,500 pages with built-in select stacker. It can be connected with USB and fully compatible with SR-5500 and SR-900/900`0.

Sekonic SR 6500® will help you create and administer online surveys, evaluations, registrations, guest books, ballots, information request forms, and anything else that will pull in some really useful information. And you don't have to learn HTML to do it. Remark Web Survey makes it easy and affordable for anyone to create, publish and gather results from online forms.

  • Up to 5500 Forms Per Hour Throughput
  • Optional Simplex or Duplex Form Scanning Heads
  • USB 2.0 and RS-232 Connectivity
  • Double Feed Detection (Standard)
  • Printer (Standard)
  • Barcode Reader (Standard)
  • Pen/Pencil Read (Standard)
  • 500 Forms Input Tray
  • Exit hopper With Select Stacker with Rigid & Output Tray(Standard)
  • Compatible With Gravic’s Remark Classic software

  • sekonic sr-6500

    Technical Specifications
    Form Size: 63.5mm ~ 110mm to 228.6mm ~ 355.6mm
    Paper weight:

    64gsm to 157gsm


    HB pencil (no. 2 pencil), Ballpoint pen or marker (black or blue) when equipped with optional ink read head Mark position format: 6/inch(1/6"), 5/inch(0.2"), 4/inch(0.25"), 3.3/inch(0.3") selectable. Note: Two kinds of 0.2" sensor head compatible with NCS scanner and Sekonic scanner are prepared.

    Read system: Reflective read head is used (the same as the SR-600/730 models). Note: New mark recognition system is adopted so rough check marks as well as usual bubble marks can be read.
    Transport speed: Approx.5000 sheets per hour in RS-232C communication. Approx. 3400 sheets per hour in USB communication (12Mbps)
    Hopper capacity: 500 sheets in 104.7gsm OCR paper
    Stacker capacity: 500 sheets
    Control Panel: 20 ~ 2 lines alphanumeric character LCD display with 5 buttons
    Density level: Internal 256-level. 16-level user threshold.
    Calibration: Adjusts sensitivity automatically with a reference sheet. Self-test: Checks sheet detection sensors and system data memory. Read system test (reading test) included. Interface: RS-232C serial (9 pins); Baud rate: 9,600 to 115,200 baud, USB ver 1.1
    Power Source : AC 100V to 240V. 100W consumption. 50 / 60Hz frequency
    Environment: Temperature: 5-35 degrees C; 30-80% relative humidity
    Dimensions: 355Wx575Dx2121H(mm)
    Weight: Approx. 18.5Kg
    W/W Power Supply Builted In: Yes
    Dualside Reading : Yes
    Density Level: Option
    Mark Position Format: 1/6" 0.2",0.25"
    228.6 mm x 355.6 mm
    Easily Marks: Yes
    Marking(Ball Point Pen): Options
    Paper Quality: OCR/HighQuality
    Erorr Detection: 500sheets
    Transport Speed: Yes
    Stacker Size: 3,000/h(232C_115,200bps)
    Error Detection: 500sheets
    Select Stacker Unit: Yes
    RS-232C: Standard Features
    USB 1.1: Yes
    LCD-Display: Yes
    INK(visible head): Yes
    Printer Unit: Standard Features
    Bar-code: Yes
    Turnaround Double Stacker: Standard Features
    Software: MarkView
    The SR-6500 can process either 3,500 or 5,500 forms per hour. These two workhorses have the ability to read full page forms, with up to 48 columns and 109 lines or 5,232 markings. You can double this capacity by adding the duplex read head option, permitting the scanner to read both sides of the form in one single pass.
    The SR-6500 use OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) technology which has an error rate of less than 1%. OMR is the preferred method to scanning forms as it processes forms at a relatively high speed, is dependable, and requires very little human intervention.
    SR-6500 addition
    The functional + below-mentioned function of SR-6500 addition--- High speed processing 5500/actualizing the time Reading adopting new technology for processing. Mass in data both sides reading type preparation. Input job time was shortened more. High The selection stacker which is convenient to re-check In stacker, reading OK seat (lower position) with reading NG or misprint entrance seat (upper tier) Being automatic, the distribution. It can depend on same re-check.


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