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OMR Answer Sheets

OMR Sheet basically is Offset Printed Special Bubble Marksheets which is used to Capture ACCURATE Data. It Contains Equally Spaced Bubbles , Check Boxes ,Marks etc Our exclusive range of Answer Sheet is widely used by the clients from Organisations such as Government, private companies and Institutions. OMR sheet has variable printing like barcode, lithocode and serial number.

OMR Answer Sheets

OMR Technology can be used in the following areas Education

Entrance Examinations Multiple Choice Answer Sheets (Pre-Engineering/Medical Entrance Preparation Institute) Student/Lecturer/Tutor Evaluation Surveys. 


Multiple Choice Answer sheets Student/Lecturer/Tutor Evaluation Surveys.


Customer Feedback

OMR documents are manufactured using the best quality paper which helps the document to stay steady/stiff for a longer period.

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